Space, contracts worth over 285 million were signed at Mimit

Avio leads the two projects. Urso: “Our commitment to a crucial sector in which Italy can and must have a leadership role thanks to the work done by Italian companies”

Signed at Ministry of Business and Made in Italyin the presence of the Minister Adolfo Ursotwo important contracts for a total of over 285 million euros to enhance the technological capabilities of Italian industry for access to space. The objective is to exploit the existing capacities in Italy, through the Vega C and Vega E programmes, and to create the next generation of engines with eco-sustainable characteristics which will be part of future families of space launchers Europeans. Mimit highlights that the initiative represents an important step for the implementation of the ‘Next Generation Eu’ and uses funds from the Pnrr, equal to over 1.2 billion, entrusted to ESA with an agreement. The ceremony was attended, in addition to the minister delegated by the Government to Space and Aerospace, Adolfo Urso, the director of space transport of the European Space Agency (ESA), Daniel Neuenschwander and the managing director of AirplaneGiulio Ranzo, main contractor.

The two projects will be led by Avio as main contractor supported by a supply chain of excellence made up of important Italian industrial realities, start-ups and small/medium enterprises, as well as research centers and universities. The first contract, Space Transportation System (Sts), financed with 181.6 million euros, will be dedicated to the development by 2026 of an in-flight demonstrator of new technologies and projects for a launcher with low environmental impact engines. The second High Thrust Engine (HTte) program financed with 103 million euros will instead be dedicated to the development of a new high-thrust engine, also with a low environmental impact, to arrive at a first ground qualification test by 2026.

“Today’s signing is important for the achievement of the Pnrr objectives for space” observed Minister Urso, noting that “once again our commitment to a decisive sector is reaffirmed, in which Italy can and must have a role of leadership thanks to the work done by Italian companies, whose technology receives unanimous recognition”. “Today’s acronym is the first milestone of a path that will certainly be positive” continued Urso. “I can only wish the best success for the initiatives and projects that will result from these two contracts, which will enhance the entire supply chain of the sector” said the minister with responsibility for Space and Aerospace.