Space, Saccoccia: “The first lunar architecture will be Italian”

The president of ASI at Adnkronos: “The Italian contribution to the entire Artemis lunar program of NASA is very large”

“The first will be Italian architecture on the ground lunar“. To anticipate this by conversing with Adnkronos is the president of the Italian Space Agency, Giorgio Saccoccia, a few hours after the announcement of the NASA of the launch of Artemis 1 which will kick off the new lunar program on 29 August after the historic Apollo missions. “The Italian contribution to the entire Artemis lunar program of NASA is very large, it started 2-3 years ago with collaborations both in the ESA sphere and direct collaborations between Italy and NASA” explains the president of ASI. “Let’s talk about modules for the orbiting station moon but also of modules that will be ‘built’ on the surface of the moon. The first settlements of lunar architecture are Italian, “says Saccoccia.

“Just last June I signed an agreement with the Administrator of the NASA to create and bring a living module to the lunar surface. This is a module that can be used for scientific research and could be the first module to reach the Moon. The module could be a refuge for astronauts but could also offer technical opportunities such as functions to recharge a lunar rover “, explains Saccoccia who is keen to highlight the importance of the Italian role in the Artemis missions.” Italy has and will play a role very important is in the mission Artemis 1 that throughout the Artemis lunar program of the NASA through collaborations in the field Hex and with direct agreements with NASA “explains the president of the Italian Space Agency.

Saccoccia clarifies that in the mission Artemis 1the first of the three planned in the Artemis return to moon, “the Italian role is very important because our country supports the realization of the ESM module, the European Service Module which is used for energy, power, direct propulsion to the Orion capsule, there is a lot of Italian technology on board such as that for the thermal control, radiators and, among other things, the storage of water for the life of future lunar astronauts “. “In addition, the technologies for the distribution of oxygen and nitrogen are Italian. And I would like to point out – the president Asks continues – that a lot of Italian technology comes from our large industries but also from small and medium-sized Italian companies, demonstrating a great capacity to national contribution in future lunar missions “. Saccoccia also indicates that “on board Artemis 1 we will also have the only European satellite Argomoon that will monitor the technologies on board and that will carry out its operations autonomously. “” But this is only the beginning of Italy’s capabilities in the lunar missions “marks the number one of ASI.

(by Andreana d’Aquino)