Space Shelter, the videogame arrives to learn online safety

Space Shelter is a game presented by Google and Euroconsumers (the network of consumer organizations that includes Altroconsumo in Italy and its counterparts in Spain, Belgium, Portugal) designed to help people learn to surf the web safely, at the same time. having fun.

What it is and how it works

Launched on the occasion of the European cybersecurity month held every year in October, Space Shelter is a game in which you choose your astronaut and navigate while paying attention to unexpected obstacles and aliens. Thanks to fluid graphics and captivating music, the game makes learning online safety an adventure: players can select an avatar and then, through simple and instructive steps, discover the elements that make an account safe online, from use. from a password manager to understanding two-factor authentication, from privacy settings to rules for creating a strong, hard-to-hack password.

Security is not enough: competence is needed

“Every day – they explain from Google – we automatically block over 100 million phishing attempts, encrypt 4 billion photos and perform security scans on 100 billion apps installed”. And again: “We check 900 million passwords every day and automatically protect more than four billion devices with our technology”. However, a fundamental part of making the web safer passes precisely from teaching good digital habits, and this is precisely the goal of the game and of the partnership with Euroconsumers.