Space, Urso: “We boast a complete supply chain, national law at the beginning of 2024”

The minister at the New Space Economy European Expoforum: “We have over 320 companies and 6,000 employees, the presence of private individuals must be better regulated. I had a conversation with Elon Musk”

“Italy believes in space” and our country has “a leadership in the sector with distant roots”, furthermore “we boast a space supply chain complete” and to better regulate the sector “by early 2024 Italy will have its national law for space“, but since private individuals are now also active in orbital activities, “this presence needs to be better regulated” and “I had a video interview with Elon Musk on satellite constellations”. This is the framework outlined by the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Ursowho has the delegation for Space, in his speech, via video link, at the conference ‘There is no SPACE B’, organized at the New Space Economy European Expoforum 2023 NSE which kicked off at the Rome Fair. “We are global players” in space activities and “we think that the presence of private individuals should be better regulated through what appears to be – as Breton announced to us – the Space regulation that the European Commission is formulating, and with which we we will compare in the coming months, both with national legislation on space” said Minister Adolfo Urso. “In addition to the large government players” Urso underlined “large private players have entered space activities”. “In my recent mission to Washington – Urso recalled – I met practically all of them and many have an interest in investing in our country and for space tourism we could be one of the bases in the world”. “Just the other day I had a video conversation with Elon Musk about satellite constellations, because we are a global player and we think that this presence of private individuals in space should be better regulated.”

Urso also assured that the Government “will implement national legislation on Space in the first months of next year, on the basis of the indications contained in the Budget Maneuver, in which we have expressed our intention, by creating a specific fund, to implement three laws in 2024 framework – linked to this year’s economic maneuver”. Urso explained that the first of the three framework laws is “on frontier technologies, on enabling technologies such as AI, Metaverse, Blockchain, Quantum Mechanics, all frontier technologies, both with regard to two connected sectors belonging to nature and propensities of this country, one on the Space Economy the other on the Blue Economy, both have connections and implications”. “In this way we will better prepare the Italy of the future, politics in those two sectors in which we have a lot to say” observed the owner of Mimit and space activities.

In his speech, the minister recalled that next year marks the sixtieth anniversary of the launch into orbit of the first Italian artificial satellite, which marked Italy’s entry into the space sector, preceded only by the United States and the Soviet Union. “Today – said Urso – our country boasts a complete supply chain dedicated to research, development and creation of enabling space infrastructures and is among the leaders in terms of space research”. The minister indicated that the sector is rapidly transforming and private individuals are taking on an increasingly important role. Precisely to celebrate National Space Day, Minister Urso will inaugurate the “Made in Italy of Space” exhibition at Mimit on 15 December, which will remain open to free entry from 11am to 5pm, until 11 January. “The New Space Economy in 2021 generated a value of 370 billion dollars and is destined to grow further up to +74% by 2030” highlighted Urso who is in charge of Space. Italy, the owner of Mimit also highlighted, “boasts a very respectable position, with more than 320 companies and 6,000 employees, as well as being in second place in terms of the share of government spending allocated to research in the exploration and use of space As a government we want to strengthen this strategic sector and to this end we have allocated 7 billion euros in the period 2021-2026, of which 4.4 as public financing and approximately 3.1 billion as funds allocated to ESA programs in the last ministerial meeting”. Among these, he continued, “also include those of the national PNRR intended to finance programs in the aerospace sector and which exceed 2 billion. Finally, the Budget Law will have a link specifically on the Space Economy”. “It will be the first National Space Law to provide the country with an organic framework of rules on the responsibility of space activities, for the benefit of public and private actors” observed Adolfo Urso. (by Andreana d’Aquino)