Spain, Congress approves rule on menstrual leave and free sanitary pads

Revolution in the world of work in Spain. Thanks to a specific leave just approved by Congress, women who experience painful and disabling periods will be granted three sick days a month. To obtain the benefit, a medical certificate must be presented and it will be up to the State, rather than the company, to take financial responsibility for the period of removal from office.

Free distribution of hygiene products

The measure is part of a more complex sexual and reproductive health and abortion reform approved by Congress in Madrid. As part of the same provision, the free distribution of menstrual hygiene products in schools, prisons, women’s centres, civic centres, social centers or public bodies was also decided. The provision gives a more extensive guarantee of the right to abortion, funding through the public system of contraceptives and the so-called “morning-after pill”.

The criticisms

This revolution has been welcomed by many feminist movements but there have been heavy criticisms: in fact, there are those who say that the recognition of menstrual leave can even turn into a boomerang for female workers.