Spain, definitive no to Feijoo trust: new role for Sanchez

The PP leader’s attempt to form a centre-right government has ended

The The Spanish Parliament has confirmed its no, this time definitive, to Alberto Nunez Feijoo’s investiture as prime minister. With 177 no and 173 yes votes – one more than on Wednesday because Junts MP Eduard Pujol made a mistake in voting – the attempt by the PP leader, who came first in the July elections, to form a centre-right government came to an end , with the participation of the far-right party Vox.

Towards a new assignment for Sanchez

So let’s go towards a new role for Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who is expected to be summoned by King Felipe VI next week. Feijoo, meanwhile, launched a harsh attack on the socialist leader, accusing him of wanting to form “a government of lies and deceit”, in coalition with Catalan separatists.

Once he receives the investiture, Sanchez will have until November 27 to form a new government, otherwise new elections will have to be held.

Knots to be resolved and negotiated

To be able to have the majority to govern, Sanchez needs the support of the two Catalan pro-independence parties, Junts and ERC, which pose as indispensable conditions an amnesty law for those convicted of the attempted secession in 2017 and a referendum for Catalan independence. It is expected, after Sanchez’s official investiture, days and weeks of tough negotiations for the socialist leader.

For his part, Feijoo said that Spaniards face “the government of lies or a return to the polls”. “Amnesty yes or no? Referendum yes or no? I say no, what do you say Mr. Sanchez?”, added the popular leader, challenging the socialist prime minister to “tell Spain in no uncertain terms what he will have to endure if he returns to being president of government”.