Spain, fire in nightclub: massacre in Murcia, at least 13 dead

The flames started from a club and then spread to other adjacent nightclubs in the commercial area known as Las Atalayas. More victims are being sought

The budget continues to worsenfire that hit three well-known dance venues in the south-eastern Spanish city of Murcia at dawn: the victims are 13 but it is not excluded that there are other deaths. Rescue teams continue the search for other possible victims of the fire, which began at dawn with the first flames spreading from one room to the others, adjacent, in the commercial area known as Las Atalayas. The city mayor, José Ballesta, and the regional president, Fernando López Miras, decreed three days of official mourning.

Police searching for bodies

The firefighters managed to put out the fire around eight in the morning and are inside the premises trying to locate the victims, a task made more dangerous by the fact that some rooms remained structurally damaged, as well as being full of incandescent debris. The interior of the most affected rooms had to be shored up in order to continue the identification work and the extraction of the bodies. The mayor explained that nine bodies have already been extracted and work is underway for the others, in very difficult conditions. The causes of the fire, which affected the Teatre, Golden and La Fonda Milagros nightclubs, are currently unknown.