Spain, King Felipe instructs Feijòo to form the government

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The King of Spain has decided to entrust the leader of the PP, Alberto Nunez Feijòo, with the task of forming a government. This was announced by the president of the Congress Francina Armengol at the end of the consultations and after speaking with the sovereign Felipe VI. However, the task is not obvious (HOW WERE THE ELECTIONS). The leader of the popular Patito has for the moment 172 votes which would not be enough to be trusted. Feijòo thanked the king for the job and expressed his intention to give “a voice to the more than 11 million citizens” who voted for the PP and to the parties that will support his investiture (Vox, Coalicion Canaria and UPN).

Feijòo less than 4 seats from the majority

After the go-ahead from Santiago Abascal (Vox), the PP leader Feijòo reaches 172 votes, four fewer than he needs to have an absolute majority in the courts and be able to enter the government. These are the numbers: the PP has 137 seats, 33 Vox, then a deputy from the UPN, Alberto Catalán, and the representative of Coalicion Canaria, Cristina Valido. The leader of the PP this afternoon in Congress announced his willingness to take office and assured that his intention is to initiate contacts with the groups starting from Monday, given that the deadline for the constitution of the groups in Parliament expires Friday.

Today’s consultations

Today in the second and last day of the consultations, King Felipe in Zarzuela met the leader of Vox Santiago Abascal. Then the secretary of the PSOE Pedro Sanchez and, finally, in the afternoon, the candidate for premier of the PP, Alberto Nunez Feijòo. The Spanish political phase is full of unknowns, given that for the first time in Spanish history there were two candidates who, despite not having a majority in Parliament, asked for the position. Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez can currently confirm only 152 votes in favour, given that the Catalans of ERC and Junts and the EH Bildu and BNG parties did not participate in the meeting with the head of state. The Basques of the PNV have participated in the consultations but have not revealed how they will vote. However, the Basques have made it clear that they have no intention of supporting Feijòo as long as that means joining their votes with Vox.

What happen

The sovereign has chosen to give a mandate to the popular secretary, the first party to vote. Despite the very strong tensions with Vox, the PP is convinced that in the end Abascal will keep his word and that, starting from the centre-right axis, it will be possible to reach the fateful quota of 176 votes. Hypothesis that the Psoe does not believe in the slightest.