Spain, marriage degenerates into brawl: cars on guests, 4 dead

A wedding party in Spain has degenerated into a tragedy following a fight with the tragic death toll of four and as many seriously injured. The facts date back to the morning of November 6 and took place in front of a restaurant where the wedding of a gypsy family was being celebrated, in Torrejon de Ardoz, 25 km northeast of Madrid.

Emergency services: “People with head injuries and fractures”

After the fight, a car was thrown at the guests. One vehicle “deliberately hit” people and “the occupants fled,” a spokesman for the national police said. “When we arrived we found four people dead with multiple fractures,” Carlos Polo, head of Madrid’s emergency services, told reporters. “We treated four people who had head injuries and lower limb fractures,” he added.

Three arrested: a fourth person is sought

The suspect vehicle was located by police in Seseña, a town located 50 km from the site of the tragedy and its “three occupants were arrested”, the police spokesman later explained. According to the Spanish press, it would be a man and his two children. Investigators are looking for a fourth person who could be involved.