Spain, Prime Minister Sanchez was sworn in before King Philip VI. VIDEO

Pedro Sánchez was sworn in as Prime Minister of Spain at the Zarzuela Palace, in Madrid, in front of King Felipe VI. It is the third time that the secretary of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party takes on this role. Sánchez, born in 1972, was elected after a two-day debate between various party leaders. His victory was achieved through a controversial amnesty agreement with the Catalan independentists, in exchange for their votes.

The third term

The socialist leader’s adventure at the helm of the government began in June 2018 with the replacement of the popular Mariano Rajoy who was dismissed by Congress with a motion of no confidence. Sánchez leads a PSOE government until April 2019, then early elections. He continues as prime minister for current affairs until the November 2019 re-election called due to stalemate between parties unable to form a new majority. In January 2020, Sánchez began his second political mandate at the helm of a government coalition made up of the Socialist Party and Unidas Podemos. After the elections he called in advance in July 2023, he remained in office again until the vote.