Spain, record heat wave: temperatures above 30 degrees

In Madrid 30 degrees are expected and in Andalusia peaks of 40. Government and Regions are running for cover: the opening of public outdoor swimming pools has been brought forward and school hours have been revised

In Spain the government and the regional authorities run for cover to try to remedy therecord heat wave which is investing the country and which will increase in the coming months. In fact, the Ministry of Health of Madrid has already proposed to the Regions to bring forward to May 15 the application of the National Action Plan for protection from the heat, initially scheduled for June 1.

Among the many decisions made by the executive are: public outdoor pools in Madrid in operation since mid-May, a month earlier than usual; changes to the school timetable, which will be adapted to the climatic conditions; particular attention to social and health centres, where the situation of patients will be monitored more often; greater frequency of passing trains and buses, to avoid large crowds and long waiting times.

Temperatures in Spain since the beginning of this week are unusually warmer than average due to “a very hot and dry air mass” coming from Africa, as explained by the national meteorological service Aemet. Temperature records for April have been broken in several cities, including Córdoba and Granada. In Córdoba, for example, 35.1 degrees were recorded last Tuesday, surpassing the previous record of 34 degrees. TO Madrid high temperatures are expected in the next few days 30 degrees, while in Mallorca it should reach 34 degrees in the north of the island. Finally, in Andalusia temperatures could rise to at least 38 degrees. However, the Aemet spokesman, Rubén del Campo, has not ruled out that peaks of 40 degrees may even be reached.