Spain, the daughter of King Felipe and heir to the throne will join the army

Princess Leonor of Bourbon, heir to the throne of Spain, will enter the General Army Academy of Zaragoza on 17 August to begin her military training by taking service as an army cadet. For the next three years, the 17-year-old daughter of King Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz will wear the camouflage suit and will have to say goodbye to elegant clothes and jewels. As reported by the Spanish public radio and TV, the princess (who will come of age on October 31st), will continue her journey in the armed forces at the Naval School Marine in Pontevedrae to then conclude the training process in the General Air Academy and of the Space of San Javier (Murcia) serving in the Air Force.

The military academy

The same process was followed by Philip VI in his time, who attended the three military academies before starting university. “The experience acquired by HM the King during his stay in the academies constitutes a precious precedent for believing that the military training of HRH the Princess of Asturias should also last three academic years, one for the Army, one for the Navy and one for the Air Force”, explained the press release of the Royal House yesterday.

The press release from the Royal House

“Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain welcome this new stage in Princess Leonor’s training with the satisfaction of knowing her willingness, interest and enthusiasm to receive this training”, reads the Royal House press release. “Princess Leonor knows the demands and sacrifices of military life and is well aware of the honor it entails to train and serve alongside the men and women of our Armed Forces.”