Spain, the intervention of Giorgia Meloni: no to the LGBT lobby, yes to the natural family

Speech in Spanish by the leader of the Brothers of Italy in Marbella in which she supports the natural family, sexual identity and the culture of life

“Yes to the natural family, no to the LGBT lobby, yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology, yes to the culture of life, no to that of death.” A speech made up of many yes and many no that of Giorgia Meloni in Spain On the stage of Vox, the far-right party, the leader of the Brothers of Italy also spoke of religious issues: “Yes to universal Christian values, no to Islamist violence”.

La Meloni in Marbella

The Roman deputy went to Marbella to support her friend Macarena Olona’s candidacy for the presidency of Andalusia “together with the Spanish patriots led by Santiago Abascal”, as Meloni explains on social media. no: “Yes to secure borders, no to massive immigration”. And again: “Yes to work for our citizens, no to international finance.” Then he concluded: “Yes to the sovereignty of the people, no to the bureaucrats of Brussels, yes to our civilization and no to those who want to destroy it. “Meloni finally shouted” long live Spain “and” long live Italy “accompanied by the” olè “of the audience.