Spain, Vox offers support to Popolari di Feijóo to form government

Spain’s ultra-conservative Vox party has offered the People’s Party the support of its 33 MPs to back a centre-right government led by PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The offer is unconditional, a statement said: “We will not be an obstacle to avoiding a government of national destruction.”

Feijóo, winner of the July 23 elections but without the numbers to govern, judged the opening of Vox positively. “It is progress in the direction of recognition of electoral results and progress in the field of constitutionalism”, he said, reiterating at the same time that his proposal is “a government by itself with a broad agreement to continue with the reforms” . Santiago Abascal’s far-right justified its unconditional support for the PP by stating that it feared that a government with socialists and separatists would constitute a serious threat to the constitutional order, with the possibility, among other things, that the socialist leader Pedro Sanchez, leading the new executive, can grant a referendum on self-determination to its Basque and Catalan allies.

The “no” of the Basque Nationalist Party

Meanwhile, the Basque Nationalist Party (Pnv), one of the Spanish regional political formations that can guarantee decisive support in Parliament for the formation of a new national government, has reiterated its “no” to the hypothesis of favoring an executive of the popular Alberto Núñez Feijóo , That he had sought possible support for his own government from the 5 Basque nationalist deputies elected in the latest policies. “On July 24, the party’s executive committee made its position crystal clear,” the PNV recalled in a tweet this morning. “Faced with the attempt by some political and media actors, both in the Basque Country and in Spain, to build an alternative reality, we deem it appropriate and convenient to refresh their memory”, reads the PNV’s tweet. The possible presence of Vox (contrary to the subdivision of the country into autonomous communities) in the government equation had in fact been indicated by the Basque nationalists (who make autonomism one of their main political banners) as a condition which made any dialogue impossible to favor a centre-right government.

The outgoing government: “Feijóo and Abascal exchange rights for seats”

Vox’s offer “is not a surprise”, but the result of “an agreement” reached in “secret meetings” between the two formations: this is what the outgoing Spanish government claims, according to a statement by its spokeswoman Isabel Rodríguez. “We know what Feijóo and Abascal agreed on in their meetings: they traded rights for seats,” she added. The reference is to a meeting that the leader of the PP and that of Vox had after the general elections of last July 23, according to what was revealed by various media.