Spalletti: “I hurt myself but I loved and gave everything”

The Napoli coach: “The heart and selfishness tell you that you should continue because there is a very strong team on which to build”

“I’m not one to change my mind easily when making a decision. Am I probably hurting myself? Yes, but I don’t leave because I stopped loving, I leave because I loved and gave everything“. So the coach of Napoli champion of Italy Luciano Spalletti on the eve of the last league match against Sampdoria. “The dinner with De Laurentiis in which everything seemed resolved? In that dinner with De Laurentiis we sorted everything out in fifteen minutes. We were lucid in concluding what was the reason for our meeting. We agreed that he would communicate the choice”

“The decisive moment? There wasn’t a decisive moment, there was a decisive mentality that made the difference. The group is made up of friends and professionals, up until this morning they have put their commitment and enthusiasm into it. From here we understand why this team will have a great future. The hardest thing to overcome is leaving the group. Their love makes you question the decision I made. These days, imagining myself far from here, I’ve realized how difficult it is to choose to leave. Heart and selfishness tell you that you should continue because there is a very strong team to build on. But it is precisely the love that I feel that makes me accept the choice”, added Spalletti for whom honorary citizenship is ready. “Honorary citizenship excites me a lot. I like having become Neapolitan, I like to think that even in ten years I will be able to come back here and be friends with many, find affection again”.

De Laurentiis

“I thank everyone I’ve met in these two unforgettable years. I thank an extraordinary group of footballers, a city born for football, the fans around the world and the children who embraced me. I thank the whole team, the various staff, directors, club employees, the President and the whole club,” Spalletti said. “Do I hug with De Laurentiis? There is an air of either me or him and I don’t want there to be this division. Neither of the two must cancel the other, we all worked very well together. The meaning of the hug was this: I also wanted to play a little by deleting these pitfalls that are felt in the air”.

“When we understood that we would win the Scudetto, I started telling the team that we would see the city explode with joy. Now I realize that for months I had been talking about something that not even I knew about. Naples shouldn’t be imagined, it’s much more of the imagination. Naples must be experienced and then you realize what it is. I’ve probably always been a bit Neapolitan, I needed these two years to become fully Neapolitan”, added Spalletti.