Spanish elections, voting on Sunday. PP in the lead, unknown alliance with Vox

After the blow received by the Socialists in the local elections at the end of May, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has decided to go to early voting. For many, Sanchez’s was a gamble, by a politician who has shown several times in his career his predisposition to dare and take risks.

The polls

All predictions – except one from an institute close to the socialists – give Alberto Nunez Feijoo’s PP an advantage over the PSOE, with 32.9% against 28.7%, according to the latest surveys. But there are also those who point out that more than a bet, Sanchez’s was the awareness of the defeat and the risk of deterioration and wear and tear in the months of waiting. Not to mention the hope of being able to galvanize and mobilize the vote of the left against the risk of a popular government together with Vox, which would mark the first entrance of a far-right party into the Spanish government since the fall of Francoism in 1975.

The risk of absences of tellers at polling stations is worrying

Thanks to the voting date of Sunday 23 July. in the height of summer, there is the risk that in many polling stations in Spain there may be several absences among the tellers. Two days before the vote, the alarm was sounded by the Spanish electoral office. And there are those who, on social networks, already fear that voting and counting operations could suffer delays and malfunctions.