‘Special’ competitors could arrive at Gf Vip: this has never happened before, the indiscretion is sensational

‘Special’ competitors could arrive at Gf Vip: never before, the indiscretion on the next edition of the reality is sensational.

Missing less and less at the beginning of a new adventure of the GF Vip. The most watched reality on TV will be back on the air starting Monday, September 19, 2022, with many surprises and news.

GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Starting from the absolute new entry in the cast of opinion makers: Sonia Bruganelli will be joined by the legendary Orietta Berti. But what do we know about new ‘vipponi’ who will populate the Cinecittà house? The rumors, over the last few months, have been really many. Also thanks to the clues that, from time to time, Alfonso Signorini has provided to viewers through his Instagram channel. And speaking of rumors, the only one is really succulent: gods could enter the house really ‘special’ competitors. Something that has never happened before in the history of Canale 5 reality TV. Let’s find out more.

‘Special’ competitors arriving at GF Vip: who it is

Are you ready for the opening of the most famous red door on TV? From Monday 19 September, the GF Vip will return to keep the public company, with two weekly appointments and many twists. As always, the program will choose competitors who have so much to tell and share, giving life to continuous dynamics and moments of real emotion. But who will enter the house of GF Vip 7?

So many names have been made over the last few weeks. Only one of these, however, was officially announced on the reality social page. It is about Giovanni Ciacci, who will enter the house with a really important message to share with the public. But, according to the latest rumors, very ‘particular’ competitors could also enter the house. What are we talking about?

Of the double stars! As you may have noticed, in the promos aired in recent weeks, they appear different double, from Johnny Depp to Lady Gaga, up to Queen Elizabeth of England. What if some of them actually entered as competitors? The indiscretion, also reported by Giuseppe Porro, is making the rounds of the web and, clearly, it is quite intriguing the public. It would be the first time in the history of reality TV that, next to the real VIPs, we would also find the ‘fake’ VIPs: an absolute novelty that, without a doubt, would upset the lives of the inhabitants of the house. We reiterate that, at the moment, it is a simple hypothesis, but that is making a lot of talk on the world of the web.

gf vip special contestants
VIP impersonator (Instagram Credits)

Would you like to see the doubles next to the Vippos or do you prefer the ‘classic’ version of the Canale 5 reality show? We just have to wait a few days to find out all the news and, above all, the names of the official competitors of GF Vip 7. Who will be able to conquer the public and get on the top step of the podium? Stay tuned.