Special protection, majority change amendment. Oppositions: “It’s chaos”

Boccia: “Lega and Fdi are on one side, Fi is on another”. Paita: “It’s a step backwards.” Gasparri: “A line is rewritten”

The debate in the Senate on the issue of special protection for migrants is ignited. Changes to the majority amendment arrive and the oppositions go on the attack speaking of “reverse”, on the migrants decree “they are in chaos”.

The government has given a “compliant” opinion to the changes to the majority amendment, first signed by Gasparri, on paragraph 1.1 of article 19 of the consolidated text on immigration, a change that came in extremis to avoid running into conflicts, in terms of protection special, with the “constitutional or international obligations of the Italian State”. The House will meet again tomorrow morning to continue consideration of the other amendments.

Maurizio Gasparri himself spoke today on the issue of defending the positions of the majority. “Others make propaganda, while we make laws, on mandate from the Italians. There is a political debate here – said the vice president of the Senate – we presented an amendment by the entire majority which is a synthesis and solution, with which the rules of special protection”.

“The psycho-physical conditions cannot be invoked to have special protection, but if you can have a disease that cannot be treated in your country, not for measles – explained the blue – We have the right to write different rules . It is not completely abolished” special protection “is reviewed strictly”. “On one point, on 1.1 we took note of the debate, you mustn’t accuse of making confusions, we make laws”, she articulated. “You rewrite a line, it’s not a problem for us,” she concluded.

THE REACTION OF THE OPPOSITIONS – “The diversity of the majority’s positions is evident” on the migrants’ decree, “I’m in chaos“. As Francesco Boccia, leader of the Democratic Party, to reporters while work in the Chamber had been suspended to give the government time to take note of the changes to the majority amendment on the issue of special protection for migrants. “Lega and Fdi are on one side, while Fi is on the other side, this came out clearly today,” Boccia said.

It’s a step backand we understood it – the president of the Action-Italia Viva Group affirmed in the Senate in the Chamber Raffaella Paita – But this partial rethinking cannot be done in the Chamber. This Chamber cannot be slapped by initiatives that arrive during construction”.

“This partial rethinking shows that you have made a gross error of assessment, but the point is that you cannot do it – added the senator referring to the majority forces – and this is because a reformulation of an amendment provides for compensation for the other subjects, and that is, the presentation of any sub-amendments. Certainly – concluded Paita – we cannot pass over an act that harms our right to make proposals on a change that has just arrived”.