Speech Mattarella, Schlein: “He reaffirmed the values ​​and principles of the Constitution”

Conte: “President Mattarella’s message is an unequivocal stimulus to change things”

“President Mattarella in his speech reaffirmed the values ​​and principles of the Constitutional Charter, managing to place them in the political, economic and social contingency that the country and the planet are experiencing. Peace and social justice, for the progress and affirmation of democracy” . This was stated by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, commenting on the speech of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

“The message that arrives this evening from President Mattarella is an unequivocal stimulus to change things, not to give up. We cannot help but welcome the appeal not to get used to the horror of war and to work immediately, urgently, for peace. Of fundamental importance Also important is the push not to resign ourselves to underpaid work, hatred and violence against women”, says Giuseppe Conte, leader of the M5S.

“As well as the urgency of not betraying the hopes of young people and their drive to combat climate change. Among the challenges that we absolutely cannot let fall into the void there is certainly that of protecting the right to health, a compromise between lists of interminable waits and treatments effectively denied. Let us fight with ever more determination and courage too many economic, social and environmental injustices. We must not get used to injustices. We must fight injustices. All together”, he adds.