Spice Girls, Geri Halliwell talks about the birth of the famous Union Jack dress

A dress capable of marking the history of costume. More than twenty-five years after that memorable day, Geri Halliwell he told Jimmy Fallon the birth ofUnion Jack Dressconsidered by many to be one of the most iconic and popular dresses of the 90s.

geri halliwell, the truth about the union jack dress

And the February 24, 1997 when the Spice Girls take the stage at the Earls Court Exhibition Center in London on the occasion of the seventeenth edition of the BRIT Awards, the ceremony that every year rewards British and international artists who have distinguished themselves in the previous months. The girl band is the great protagonist of the evening, at which it presents itself with the highest number of nominations, namely five, winning two victories: British Single of the Year for Wannabe and British Video of the Year for Say You’ll Be There. Geri, Emma, ​​Mel B, Victoria and Mel C not only make history for the statuettes, but also for the Union Jack Dress sported by Ginger Spice during the performance.

The performance opens with the entrance of the five girls to the tune of Wannabe which then leave room for those of Who Do You Think You Are in a blaze of light effects and festive shouts. Geri Halliwell is the first to conquer the center of the stage wearing the dress that in a few hours would become one of the symbols of the Spice Girls, girl power and the influence of Brit pop on the world stage.

Geri Halliwell, host of The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon, has now revealed the birth of the dress: “I’ve always loved making things, they gave us different dresses, this was a Gucci dress, black, 1950s costume style by Marilyn Monroe.”

The pop star (PHOTO) continued: “And I thought, like Americans, you always know how to celebrate your country and I was like, ‘These are the BRITs. I should put a flag on it.’ And the only one I found was a tea towel, so I cut it and sewed it onto a Gucci dress.”

Finally, Ginger Spice also spoke about the boots she always wore that evening: “And these boots, they were made with car paint because my father was a mechanic and so yes, car paint.”