Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendaya worried about Tom Holland: “What if he suffocated?”

MJ fears for Peter Parker’s life. And no, it’s not a neighbor scene Spider-Man: No Way Home, arriving at theaters on December 15, but a real concern that Zendaya has for the health of her colleague and boyfriend Tom Holland. The cause of this gloomy thinking is to be found in the costume the actor wears when he plays Spider-Man, an iconic, beautiful, but also terribly tight costume. Obviously Tom Holland breathes well when wearing it, but what if by chance, as he jumps from one New York skyscraper to another, he gets nauseous and suffocates from his own vomit?

A concern that has lasted for years

Zendaya had talked about it in 2019, during an interview with MTV. But now that the new film is coming and that their romantic relationship has been made official, while the rest of the world is still wondering about the possible coexistence on the big screen of the three historical Spider-Man cinemas, looking for or dodging evidence of the presence in the cast of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the film’s co-star renew their concern with a tweet.


In the video two years ago, Zendaya said, “When she’s wearing that mask that she can’t just take off, because it’s like a one-piece costume, I’m always afraid that… if she works so hard she’ll throw up and then choke?” And Zendaya won’t? she is the only one to think so, because in the same interview, to agree with her, there was also Jacob Batalon, actor who plays Ned.


The only one who does not seem particularly worried by this possibility is Tom Holland, who indeed seems to be sincerely regretted by the recent discovery of the cut of a scene from the final cut. Not just any scene, but the one that saw him acting alongside his brother Harry Hooland, who in the film was supposed to play a very young street thief stopped by Spider-Man.

Here, that scene will not be in the final version that will be released in the cinema, and Tom, who a few months ago had happily shared a shot with his brother on the set on social media, declared in an interview that he did not take it particularly well.