‘Spirit of the past’, the new album by Arturo Stalteri, is released

The culmination of a career spanning almost half a century

The culmination of a career spanning almost half a century, which began with progressive music, continued with pop and continued in the name of contemporaneity. It is ‘Spirit of the past’ (Felmay), the new album by Arturo Stàlteri. A record that is a real travel diary in the art of one of the most appreciated pianists on the national and international scene, embellished in the 15 songs (including an unreleased one) by important collaborations: from Antonello Venditti to Roberto Cacciapaglia, from Grazia Di Michele to Federica Torbidoni, from Fabio Liberatori to Carmine Capasso. With the final tribute to Rino Gaetano, of whom Stàlteri was a collaborator.

“’Spirit of the past’ – explains Stàlteri – tells about half a century of encounters, not just artistic ones. The love for music has permeated and, at times, saved me, and sharing this passion with others has deeply enriched me ”. Some melodies of the opera had already appeared in previous recordings, but on this occasion “I wanted to play them again, in a completely renewed guise”.

“I am particularly happy – continues the musician – because I have not always been alone in this adventure: some friends have participated, in fact, with great enthusiasm. Going strictly in alphabetical order: Roberto Cacciapaglia, an artist with a luminous sensitivity, gave me the colors of the cosmos for my performance of the third movement of his suite ‘Sonanze’. Carmine Capasso, a young guitarist currently in Trip (historic progressive band), did his best to sitar in ‘Lady Ligeia’, which was the first piece that Gaio Chiocchio (with me in Pierrot Lunaire in the 70s, and now somewhere between Neverland and the land of Lyonesse) played me on the piano. Grazia Di Michele, dazzling star of the author’s song, reinterpreted ‘Canzone per Daria’ (a song contained in her first album, ‘Cliché’, from 1978, to which I had collaborated), which I wanted to rearrange for this project. Fabio Liberatori, former Stadium (now a member of the Royal Academy of Music), award-winning author for cinema (just mention the soundtracks for Carlo Verdone’s films), dressed my ‘Nocturne in C minor’ with his amazing keyboards. Federica Torbidoni of the Nino Rota Ensemble, capable of investigating Antonio Vivaldi and Philip Glass with her flute, appears in two songs: ‘On the nature of daylight’ by Max Richter and ‘The quiet road to the sea’ by myself. And Antonello Venditti talked with me in the re-reading of his touching ‘Sons of tomorrow’ (a song he wrote in 1974, and which he made me listen to at Rca, before inserting it in the album ‘When it comes to Christmas’). And again, in addition to my compositions, you will find music by Fryderyk Chopin, Philip Glass, Cat Stevens, Max Richter, the Rolling Stones and Rino Gaetano, playing in this case our … ‘But the sky is always bluer’ ” .