Spirited, the trailer for the Christmas musical starring Ryan Reynolds is out

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We have seen the Christmas carol by Charles Dickens reworked in multiple forms, especially on the screen. Some of us even grew up with imaginative reworkings of the work, in which the protagonists were Disney characters or even the Muppets. Starting from such an exploited starting material, it seems difficult to be able to create something that can at least appear original. He tries Spiritedthe new musical comedy with Ryan Reynolds And Will Ferrell soon available for streaming on Apple +.

There are no more Christmas carols than they used to be

In a recent 2017 film, it was not limited to staging the Christmas carol, even reaching the point of romanticizing its genesis. The title was all a program: Dickens, the man who invented Christmas. On the other hand, the story of the miser Scrooge, who rediscovers his goodness after literally looking his ghosts in the face, is a wonderful parable imbued with the Christmas spirit. A story that has fascinated millions of people but which may have lost appeal to the new generations: it is still a story written in the first half of the nineteenth century. To remove the dust from the Dickensian tale he tries now Spirited, the new film that will be available exclusively on Apple + starting November 18. It is no coincidence that this musical comedy, even a little incorrect, was launched with the slogan: “It is not the Christmas carol of your great-great-great-great-grandparents “.

Scialalalala La La Land

The trailer takes little to clarify the tone of the film, immediately showing us the light-hearted comedy of the protagonists Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds (here ready to re-propose the irreverent register already experienced in films such as Deadpool). This time the classic story is transported into the contemporary world, in a universe in which the protagonists themselves are aware of Dickens’ work. Ferrell plays an unprecedented ghost of Christmas present who, for years now, has been looking for a soul every Christmas to be redeemed through the visit of the canonical three spirits. This time the chosen Scrooge is called Clint Briggs, he wears elegant and has the features of Ryan Reynolds. Above all, it is less easy to make good than its predecessors and has no problem “taking apart” the new ectoplasmic partner. Spirited reverses the perspective, telling the story for the first time starting from the point of view of ghosts and in this way tries to guarantee a surplus of humor to the events. On the other hand, a laughter specialist such as Sean Anders is sitting behind the camera, already behind successful comedies such as Daddy’s Home and adolescence She’s out of My League. Anders can also count in Spirited on longtime collaborators like screenwriter John Morris and on actors with whom he has a proven connection, starting with Farrell. In the cast there is also space for other established performers, such as the Oscar winner Octavia Spencer o Sunita Mani (The Eye of Evil). To stimulate the curiosity of the public and professionals, however, is also and above all another aspect of the film. Spirited it is indeed a Christmas comedy but it also has several moments in which it turns into a real musical with original songs. To take care of the composition of the songs there will be two heavyweights such as Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, already behind the lyrics of the songs of La La Land and the eleven pieces of the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman. The dream team is completed by choreographer Chloe Arnold (The Late Late Show with James Corden). It is unlikely that this film will make you regain your sense of rhythm but, after watching, it could still make you want to dance and find at least some Christmas spirit.