Spoleto Festival: Rai for Sustainability with the cast ‘Mare fuori’

The appointment within the project ‘Culture breaks the bars’ (July 1st). On July 7, a round table on ‘Coreografie Femminist’, Francesco Giambrone, Wayne McGregor, Marie Chouinard, Monique Veaute will speak.

A Festival within the Festival. Rai Per la Sostenibilit√†-ESG is back with its flagship projects at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto 2023, at the invitation of the artistic director Monique Veaute, in the wake of the experience inaugurated two years ago by Rai Per il Sociale and continued last year by new direction. It starts on 1 July, with the project ‘Culture breaks the bars’, which supports the theatrical activity carried out in prisons, also highlighting the important role played by Rai in narrating this difficult social context, not only through the information, but also through fiction. The day thus combines these two dimensions in the meeting in prison of the cast of ‘Mare fuori’ with the inmates of the ‘Theatrical company #SIne Nomine’ at the Spoleto-Maiano district prison, organized in collaboration with Rai Fiction.

A preview of the show by the ‘Compagnia #SIne Nomine’ will follow at the Rocca Albornoziana in the presence of the cast of ‘Mare fuori’. Finally, again at the Rocca Albornoziana, a debate is scheduled with the cast and screenwriters of Mare fuori, the ‘Compagnia #SIne Nomine’, the prison administration (the Head of the Dap has already given its support), Rai Fiction, in during which a video will be screened on the meeting between the cast of ‘Mare fuori’ and inmates-actors of the Spoleto prison, organized by Tgr Umbria. During the meeting, the catalog of the exhibition ‘Je est un autre’ on 40 years of theater in prison and 10 since the foundation of the ‘Theatrical company #SIne Nomine’ will be presented.

On 7 July the round table ‘Coreografie Femminist’ declines the Rai project ‘No Women No Panel’ in the artistic field for the equal presence of women in the public debate. Even in dance, many women are establishing themselves today not only as stars on the stage but also as choreographers, directors, artistic directors, writers. ‘No Women No Panel’ gives them a voice for a feminine and feminist tale of dance, recalling a ‘lady of dance’, Vittoria Ottolenghi, who brought international ballet to the Spoleto scene (and to Rai screens), coordinating the sector Dance from 1988 to 1996. Francesco Giambrone, superintendent of the Rome Opera House, Wayne McGregor, choreographer, director of the Biennale Danza, the Canadian choreographer Marie Chouinard, alongside the artistic director Monique Veaute, were invited to participate.