Sport, Abodi: “More visibility for women would change public perception”

“On the value of women’s sport and its social value”

“The “100 women against stereotypes” project has collected, in just a few years, a significant amount of information, which qualifies a database that can be consulted online, on Italian female excellence in sectors and disciplines often male-oriented, such as STEM, economics and finance, international politics, history and philosophy, which starting from this year will be expanded with the names of highly qualified professionals in the sports field. The actions implemented to contribute to achieving the objective of gender equality in the sports field are multiple, starting from the new regulatory framework introduced with the sport reform, which broadens the prospects for the development of female professionalism, establishes the recognition of social security protections for athletes, promoting gender equality at all levels and encouraging the inclusion of women, in roles of responsibility, within sports organizations”. Andrea Abodi, Minister for sport and youth, said this in a message sent on the occasion of the presentation of the “100 experts for sport” initiative, presented in Rome at the CONI Hall of Honour.

“Despite the progress made in recent years, asymmetries, discrimination and gender stereotypes persist. There is much to be done in terms of access to managerial and decision-making positions which is still very unbalanced, in terms of rights and equal access , equal pay, visibility, equal participation and opportunities for leadership positions. A more respectful balance is needed in terms of sports information and media coverage of women’s sports. Greater visibility of women’s sports competitions would change the perception on the part of public of the value of women’s sport and its social value”.