Sport and Health and Ita, discounts and concessions for millions of members

Cozzoli: “We close the circle on the mobility package. Also online alerts for 80 million for basic sports”

Ita Airways and Sport e Salute have announced the agreement in support of sport and the territory, dedicated to all those who practice sport, with discounts and concessions for 13 million members. In particular, for all federations, sports organizations, asd and ssd, including their respective members (athletes, technicians and managers) a 20% discount on individual tickets in economy class for the national and international destinations of their network, and 10 %, in economy class, for intercontinental travel. “The agreement between Sport e Salute and Ita Airways gives concrete support to amateur sports clubs and sports promotion bodies to organize their travels”, explained Vito Cozzoli, president and CEO of Sport e Salute. “That 20 percent discount on flights counts a lot on the budget of an amateur sports club. Today with Ita we close the circle of the mobility package for sport”, added the head of Sport and Health, at the presentation today at We Sport Up at Foro Italico of the agreement with the airline.

“For Italian sport it is an important day because in a few minutes the public notices for the 80 million for sports organizations will be announced for projects that they will be able to promote, for young people, fragile categories, over 65, start-up in sport and for training. I thank Undersecretary Vezzali for this opportunity we are giving to the whole world of sport. And then there is this strategic agreement with Ita, which is important for all Italian sport, we are the champions of grassroots sport “, underlined Cozzoli. “With these 80 million we want to act quickly, the deadline for submitting projects is September 9. We are sure that together with all the sports organizations we will carry out concrete actions to promote the right to sport for all and all”.

The CEO and general manager of Ita Airways, Fabio Lazzerini, underlined how “Sport and Health is a door that opens to a world of millions of members of sports clubs. We too want to be close to the communities”. “We have known each other with Vito Cozzoli for years, we have a working relationship, friendship and mutual respect. This is an important agreement that unites spirit and values. You see the blue everywhere, it is the Savoy blue of the national teams. Our name itself comes from the national team. sport originally. When we decided to make this further breakthrough of innovation at Ita we added Airways to make people understand what we do at an international level. The good things about sport are that you should never take anything for granted, love competition and want to win while respecting the “adverse. as we do in our business. We fly at 99.9%, we are the first in terms of punctuality, and we do very well in terms of filling performance. By continuing to try to improve, we get results, thanks to teamwork”.