Sport and nutrition, Rosolino: “It is important to transmit the correct culture”

Nutrition and sport go hand in hand and who better than a champion like Massimiliano Rosolino can know it. After all, his curriculum speaks for him: Olympic champion in Sydney in 2000 and world champion in Fukuoka in 2001 in the 200-metre medley. 14 times, between 1995 and 2008, he was European champion and 60 times medalist in important international events such as the Olympic Games, the world and European championships. The former swimmer, in the company of researcher and nutritionist Stefania Ruggeri, spoke with students and young sportsmen during the event “Our daily commitment”, organized in Rome by Grande Impero, a leading company in the artisan bakery sector, in view of the 10th National Food Waste Prevention Day.

“It is important to transmit the culture of correct nutrition to children, families and people in general -said Massimiliano Rosolino, addressing the issue of the link between nutrition and sport-. At the age of the very young people we met today – who often inspire me – I began to understand what it means to eat “seriously”, that is, the importance of nourishing one’s person. It is important to make a small selection in nutrition, thinking that food represents real “prizes” for ourselves, because what we put into our bodies is our fuel. What as an athlete, but also a parent and – more generally – as an adult, I try to convey to young people that attention to nutrition concerns everyone, not only aspiring world champions of sport, but also those who want to “feel good ” in general”.

The Olympic champion, together with the researcher and nutritionist Stefania Ruggeri, subjected the children to a real food education test with 12 questions regarding nutrition and sport. From terminology, to the food pyramid, passing through healthy and wholesome choices. According to Ruggeri, “To identify the correct balance in one’s diet it is right to include all foods without the imposition of categorical prohibitions and in proportions suitable for one’s body and one’s habits and lifestyle. With adequate nourishment, one immediately feels better and is ready to face one’s days with energy”. We talked about the etymology of the term “diet”, also thinking about which foods bring with them the right approach of nutrients for sporting activity. A watchful eye also on an enemy of health such as alcohol and on the need to hydrate our body with the right daily quantities of water, even scientifically developing the role of Rda, proteins and carbohydrates.