Sports clubs in debt in Rome, Orange ready to pay 4.2 million, 80 jobs at risk

Today I will inspect the Capitol offices to start the procedures to get the plant back

The long dispute between the Circolo Orange Futbolclub and Roma Capitale may have reached a decisive point. It seems that it was not helpful for the amateur sports club Olimpica Roma Srl to give up on recovering even one of the 19 years that have passed since the start without the essential authorization requirements required by law, 10 of which have elapsed even in the absence of a valid concession. Nor even accept that the duration of the concession was unilaterally calculated on an amount of the works that was lower not only than the actual one but also that officially authorized at the time with the Sports Department of Roma Capitale which also apparently decided to renounce, in fact, recover 4.2 million euros and start recovery procedures for the facility, with an inspection taking place at the club headquarters. “A club which, being today mostly composed of works and capital goods which do not fall within the municipal heritage, having been paid for and purchased by the management team, will necessarily have to be closed for an indeterminable period of time, with a heavy loss for the city, for the local schools and for the municipal coffers up to 10 million, derived from the failure to recover the debt and from the assets present in the club due to the important improvements made over the years, with possible financial as well as social damage and the interruption of the public service, and the loss of 80 jobs”, explains the manager of the club Guido Tommasi.

“Since 2017, we have been proposing to Roma Capitale not only to honor our economic commitment but also to continue managing the sports facility. In this matter, the manager also suffered behaviors that led to the accumulation of more debts towards Roma Capitale, as the civil court of Rome says. In an affair which saw at least a contributory fault of the public administration, it seemed common sense to us to arrive at a settlement solution, through the payment of the debt to Roma Capitale in a single solution and the restoration of the concession agreement, without even asking for the concession to be extended, although the concessionaire was formally only for one year, from the testing in 2011, to the request for usability in 2012, it was revoked in 2013. Nonetheless we made a proposal to pay the debt and the restoration of the concession relationship with its natural duration”, explained Matteo Di Raimondo, lawyer and partner of the club.

“We have had a formal dialogue via certified e-mail for more than a year, even though there has been an increasing rigidity in the last two years. Lastly, in an unexpected manner, the negotiations were interrupted, claiming that our proposal was characterized from indeterminacy”, added Di Raimondo. We are now awaiting the next steps from the offices of the Sport Department of Roma Capitale with the proposal from the Orange to close the issue, on the table, with “a payment in favor of Roma Capitale of the amount of 300 thousand euros within 3 days of the act of preliminary acceptance of the proposal; the payment of the residual sum of 3,939,709.40 euros upon signing the settlement agreement and restoring the concession relationship”. An issue that would not only affect the Orange club but several clubs in Rome, and could generate a chain effect with several other facilities in Rome Capital.