Spotify Wrapped 2021: How to see your favorite songs and artists of the year

The most awaited appointment of the year by lovers of the streaming music platform is back on Spotify. Also this year, from today 1st December, it is available to view the “Wrapped”, the rankings thanks to which it is possible to discover the most followed artists, songs, discs and podcasts during the year that is about to end. For platform users it will also be possible to experience the personalized Wrapped experience, which this year contains many new features. Here’s how it works (DISCOVER THE RANKINGS OF SPOTIFY WRAPPED ITALIA 2021).

What is Spotify Wrapped

“My Wrapped” is a feature of the Spotify platform. Once a year, every December since 2017, it shows the songs, artists, musical genres, podcasts that the user has listened to the most over the 12 months. In order to access this information, you must be a Spotify user (even with the free plan).

How does it work

After logging in to the Spotify app, the banner “Your Wrapped 2021 is here” will appear on the platform home. If it does not appear on the home page, another way to view your year in music is to go to the “Search” function and click on “Find out what you listened to in 2021”. After selecting the Wrapped, summary screens will start that will retrace the entire There will be the 5 songs listened to the most in these 12 months, the ranking of the favorite artists, the new artists compared to 2020 and the new genres.

The new features

This year there are also new features related to the Wrapped. In addition to artists, genres, songs, podcasts and minutes spent on Spotify, the platform will also have the “The Movie” function, which links the songs heard to famous scenes from the movies. This is followed by “Your Audio Aura”, in which an auree expert will study the musical moods to create an audio aura. “Playing Cards” is an interactive game that can be shared with friends: Spotify shows several statements about listening to the year and the user has to guess which ones are true. Finally, with “Wrapped Blend” you can see if your musical tastes match those of your friends. All results can be shared on social networks.