Spouses at Marriage at first sight, then the shocking decision: what happened after the wedding? You will be amazed

Spouses at Marriage at first sight, then the shocking decision: what happened immediately after their wedding on TV? You will be truly amazed.

Among the many programs that alternate on our TV channels, Matrimonio a prima vista Italia is among the most followed. A real social experiment, it aired for the first time way back in 2016 and has never stopped since.

Marriage at first sight Italy. Credits: instagram

Just as many editions have alternated over the course of these long years, also the couples that the public from home have had the opportunity to meet have been very many. Among these, the spectators of Matrimonio a prima vista Italia cannot help but remember them: Mattia and Cristina!

Newlyweds during the very latest edition of Wedding at first sight Italy, the two very young boys were able to put everyone in agreement from the first minute. In fact, Mattia and Cristina seemed to be the perfect couple. And, looking at them from the outside, they seriously suggested that they could repeat what happened to another beloved couple on the show. During their journey, however, something happened that completely revolutionized their plans and their feelings until they decided to separate during the last episode. What happened after the wedding? Unlike two very young boys, Mattia and Cristina have chosen to divorce, but then what? You will be amazed when you find out.

Wedding at first sight Italy: what happened next? Resounding!

It seemed that everything was going well, but very soon Cristina’s ‘shock’ decision completely determined her marriage to Mattia. Many remember their journey in the famous Real Time program and many are curious to know what happened to them today after the wedding on TV.

Newlyweds during the eighth season of Wedding at first sight Italy, Mattia and Cristina have chosen to ask for a divorce during the last episode of the program. To ‘condition’ this choice, was the decision of the very young girl to leave with her friends in the middle of the program. It was a trip already planned for some time, but which made the groom’s nose turn up. In fact, it is from that precise moment that something in their relationship broke up to the point of making the decision to take two different paths. What happened next? We tracked down the two ex-spouses on Instagram and found out everything that happened after the program.

If another couple has chosen to permanently end the relationship after the program, making a shock gesture, it would seem that Cristina and Mattia have chosen to act differently. The two, in fact, not only continue to follow each other on social networks, but several months ago they also exchanged dedications to honey. Their paths, therefore, have separated forever, but the esteem and mutual affection would seem to be by no means over.

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