Spread, Crosetto: “Many are rooting for the government to fall.” Tajani: “There is no worry”

The Defense Minister supports the line of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who yesterday attacked the opposition by claiming that the issue of the value of the differential is “above all in the desires of those who, as always, imagine that a democratically elected government should go home” . Same line also for the head of the Farnesina, while the leader of the M5S rejects the prime minister on Nadef but says he is against technical governments

We continue to talk about spreads after yesterday the differential between Bund and BTP reached 200 points following the presentation of the Nadef and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said she saw concern “especially in the wishes of those who, as always, imagine that a government democratically elected should go home” and that the hope “is among the usual suspects. The left continues to make the list of ministers of the caretaker government that we are governing in the meantime”. Today the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto spoke on the topic, who wrote about X: “They wish Italy ill, hoping to wrest some power for themselves.” Then the deputy prime minister and foreign minister Antonio Tajani underlined that “there is no concern”.

Crosetto: “Many are rooting for spreads to bring down the government”

According to Crosetto, “many are rooting for an increase in the spread or a downgrade by the rating agencies in order to question the government and overturn the popular will once again”.

Tajani: “There is no worry”

On the sidelines of the second day of the Forza Italia celebration, Tajani says that “there is no concern as far as I’m concerned. I believe that we must demonstrate that we are a serious, credible, reliable, responsible Government, which makes an economic maneuver capable of to help the weakest families, capable of protecting citizens in the face of a not always positive economic situation, caused by the war in Ukraine and the increase in the cost of raw materials, and by the ECB’s decision to increase the cost of money” . Concerns about possible speculation on the spread? “I don’t know if there is – Tajani’s response – we must be serious, credible, reliable, responsible, we must demonstrate that we know how to be on the citizens’ side. Forza Italia has worked a lot in this direction and the better writing of the law which provides for taxes on the banks’ extra profits go precisely in the direction of reassuring the markets, of reassuring investors. We did it for that reason, not because we have to do the banks a favor but precisely because we don’t want there to be speculation on the markets. Our duty is to protect the our economy and FI will work for this.”

Foti: “Fruit leftists try to play the spread card”

Compared to the markets’ assessments of Nadef, according to Tommaso Foti, group leader of the Fratelli d’Italia in the Chamber, there is “a rather laughable narrative: fruitless leftists are trying to play the spread card on these issues, but are evidently forgetful. At the moment the Italian spread is exactly 20% less than when it reached 250 with the Monti government. It seems to me that it is an entirely political interpretation”, he said in an interview with Qn. Moreover, “in recent days the former minister Giovanni Tria has defined this Note as prudent and correct, as the case requires, especially after the affair of the Superbonus and the Facade Bonus, which undoubtedly has an influence”.

Conte: “No to technical governments, citizens must choose”

The leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte returns to the attack from the opposition and, in an interview with The print, gives Giorgia Meloni a “zero point on her report card” because with the Nadef numbers she “strangles Italy which had recovered after the pandemic”. The markets are worried and the spread is rising due to “a stagnant government, which does not offer a vision and prospect of growth”. But the president of the 5 Star Movement does not want to hear about technical governments: “Enough with solutions of that type, the citizens must choose. Meloni told the Italians that they were ready, they should take full responsibility for their inadequacy” .