Spring photography, Befric’s advice

How to photograph flowers according to the popular Tiktoker, armed with Galaxy S23

Samsung has partnered with photography expert Nicola Torrisi, aka Befric, who shares videos and tutorials on how to take photos and record videos on Tiktok every day. The result is a guide in four tips to make spring photographs social-proof. “The macro photo is one of the best languages/ways to express the emotions we feel when observing a hidden and delicate world like the floral one” explains Befric. “The advice is to use the hand trick: bring your hand closer to the Galaxy S23 camera , you have to touch and hold to fix the focus and, only then, you have to approach the flower until you focus on the desired detail. If you want to emphasize a particular detail, you can also use the Pro mode, through the Center-calibrated metering, to photograph close-ups. You need to set the ISO between 800/1600 and Center as Focus to keep the flower in the foreground and blur the background.”

The Macro is just one of the techniques available. “Another suggestion is to look for patterns or textures in the number of flowers that are the same: it is necessary to shoot keeping the smartphone parallel to the ground, for example, trying at different distances. In this way, simple leaves or daisies will compose the shot. If the chosen subject is a branch of a flowering tree, it is possible to enable the Shot Suggestion and Watermark option: the device will return the instructions to best align the shots. If, on the other hand, you want to capture all the surrounding landscape, simply use the camera Ultra Wide Angle,” Torrisi says.

Social and blooms, filter yes or filter no? This is the dilemma. Befric’s answers: “When you have a photo in mind, the advice is always to shoot in RAW precisely to have more flexibility in post-production, so yes to filters! You have to open the camera, go to “More”, and choose Expert RAW. You can use Adobe Lightroom, integrated for the first time on the Galaxy S23 series, to bring every color to life. But be careful not to overdo it, unless you are looking for a precise sensation. First you need to choose the goal of the post. Secondly, it is always necessary to try to tell a story, to convey sensations or emotions. Here are some suggestions: choose a theme that can be a color, the evolution of a flower or the micro-world that buzzes around it. Choosing a sequence giving a visual sense to the images: changing angles, having no scruples between two similar shots, then you choose just one! Use the caption well to add context and help the viewer understand what you want to convey”.

Among other TikToker tips: “Always look for a “soft” light, this applies as a general rule for shots. Where to find it? Sunrise and sunset, or look for the shadow or a reflected light. Create depth of field to further isolate the subject. Get close to the limit of the focus distance or zoom out and zoom, the effect will be highlighted by the compression of the lenses of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Do not overexpose, a very frequent mistake especially for this type of photo. Rather, if in doubt, underexpose slightly as shadows are easier to recover in post-production than highlights. Pay attention to the background, even if it is blurred it is almost as important as the subject. Shooting from below using the Ultra Wide Angle camera, for example, to make the flower you chose the tallest of all”.