Spy balloon shot down, China presents formal protest at the US embassy

Beijing presented a formal protest to the “head of the American embassy” for the shooting down of the “civilian unmanned airship” considered by the United States to be a means of espionage. Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Xie Feng, according to a statement, underlined that the balloon “ended up in US airspace due to accidents and incidents caused by force majeure”. A “totally accidental” entry into US airspace: ” The facts are clear and cannot be distorted,” said Xie who accused Washington of “falling deaf” by resorting to force.

The second ball

China has confirmed that the second balloon reported by the Pentagon to fly over Latin America was also its property. Also in this case, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning reported, “the unmanned airship” is one of those for civilian use, essentially for weather activities. “The balloon has limited self-steering capabilities,” Mao said in daily briefing The Colombian Air Force said on Saturday that a possible balloon was detected in its air defense system on Friday morning.