Squid Game: The challenge, everything you need to know about the upcoming reality show

The wait is at unimaginable levels now: Squid Game: The challengethe reality show of Squid Gameis about to arrive on Netflix (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the Now Smart Stick app), where it will arrive on November 22nd.

While waiting to find out what will happen in one of the most anticipated television events of recent years, let’s see together everything you need to know about it.

The international title is Squid Game: The Challenge. This is the project aimed at transforming the popular South Korean series into the biggest real-life competition ever. Clearly, however, this time it won’t be a question of life or death, God forbid… We agree that the world is proving to be increasingly dystotic, but let’s hope we are still far from scenarios of this type. However the emotions that will be put into play for Squid Game: The Challenge there are many.

The reality show features 456 players who will compete to win $4.56 million, the largest cash prize in the history of Netflix reality shows. Squid Game: The Challenge consists of 10 episodes, all filmed in the UK.

You can watch the official trailer of Squid Game: The challenge in the video you find at the top, at the top of this article, and at the bottom.

Games, alliances and strategies

The main subject of the challenge will be games, alliances and strategies, the only weapons with which competitors can hope to get the better of others.
Each player will be pushed to overcome their limits. The question that will arise spontaneously will be: “but how far can we go to try to win over others?”.

The sound of the iconic Young-hee animatronic doll

In the trailer of Squid Game: The Challenge (which you can watch in the video above, at the top of this article, and also in the clip at the bottom) you can hear the sound of the iconic animatronic doll, Young-hee. This now legendary sound ushers in a new round of Red Light, Green Light.
At that point, many players will flock to the games room, the place where their fate will be decided.

In the trailer you can see clips from games that are both familiar to audiences from the original television series and new. Meanwhile, we notice that the competitors begin to decrease drastically after a series of eliminations.
Although life is not at stake this time, the piggy bank full of money that we see hanging above the dormitory can only increase the tension.

“I will be your best friend, but I will absolutely betray you,” a contestant is heard saying in the trailer. And another player says: “People’s true colors are starting to come out.”
In the end only one will be the winner, the one who manages to take home the cash prize. Earning $4.56 million can be a matter of life or death, in the sense that such a win certainly changes one’s existence.
The exciting and compelling thing about this challenge is also the fact that the 456 players will have to make friends and, along the way, also enemies…

The episode titles have already been revealed

Netflix has already revealed all the titles of the ten episodes that make up Squid Game: The challenge.

We start with episode 1, entitled Red light, green light. The second one is The man with the umbrellafollowed by the third episode War. Number four is Nowhere to hidefollowed by the 5 which is entitled trick or treatfrom the 6th Goodbye and from the 7th Friend or foe.

Episode number 8 is A step forwardwhile for 9 the title is Circle of trust. The grand finale, i.e. the tenth episode, has the title A lucky day.

You can watch the official trailer of Squid Game: The challenge in the video you find below.