Squid Game: The Challenge, the teaser trailer for the Netflix reality show

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for Squid Game: The Challenge, the reality show competition inspired by the popular South Korean TV series in which 456 competitors in flesh and blood from all over the world will compete for a staggering prize pool. “4.56 million dollars, people do worse for much less” says a competitor in the video, ready to try his hand at strategies and alliances in games inspired by the original series, and in surprising new additions, under the watchful gaze of the masked guards. The reality show will debut on the streaming platform iNovember 22nd.


In the original series Squid Game, which will be rerun in a second season, a divorced father and gambler participates in a secret competition with 456 total players. At each round the losers are executed in the survival game until the sole winner of the prize money is elected. As reported by Rolling Stonein the reality show Squid Game: The Challenge the contestants simply lose the gamebut some former participants have called the competition “cruel” And “inhuman”. According to statements made by another competitor a The Sun, during the “Red Light, Green Light” race, based on the sudden interruption of a frantic race at the red light, several challengers spent up to nine hours in a freezing airport hangar. To avoid elimination, the challengers remained immobile for thirty consecutive minutes and ultimately needed to receive medical attention. In a statement, Netflix admitted that it had offered medical assistance to contestants for “mild medical conditions”, but at the same time defended the safety of the production.