SSD Project, we can all be winners with I can do it (tonight): the video

SSD Project is the acronym of my name Salvo Saverio D’Angelo, I am Sicilian by origin and Roman by adoption. “I can do it (tonight)”, my fifth release, is a house song with 80s nuances, written and produced by me (mastered by Eugenio Valente at Ground Control Studio) with the contribution of Nuovo Imaie and the label Roman Maqueta Records. The song talks about the difficulty many people have, especially young people today, in chasing their dreams. We can all be winners if we commit to believing it. We can all be better if we commit ourselves… The problem is that we live in a society that makes us frustrated, that distances us from our goals, our passions, our feelings, our community, our affections and above all from our dreams, making us believe that it is impossible. of their realization. “I can do it (tonight)” is a leap into the void that sets you free and pushes you to chase your desires. I can say that this song was born with an introspective need because above all I felt the need and the need to personally find that push to give life to my thoughts and my ambitions.

It is a song that exudes energy and transgression. A phantasmagorical succession of sexy and intriguing movements. A decisive and strong-willed statement. A suggestion not to repress passions and desires due to fears and prejudices. The piece underwent many changes and slowly took shape thanks to the amazing voice of Azzurra, an artist of Calabrian origins who lives in Milan, here at her first recording experience. “I can do it (tonight)” is part of the soundtrack of two films: “Separate Worlds” directed by Marianna Sciveres and “Fuori scuola” by director Mario Spinocchio who, among other things, also directed the video clip as for the previous single “Boogie night” which was produced by Inthelfilm.

The video was shot in Rome in the Corviale district and features Azzurra as the protagonist accompanied by three dancers who represent her alter ego and that constant struggle that we experience every day between instinct and rationality. The suburbs were chosen to tell the story because it is mainly there that dreams end up in the drawer. It is from there that one can understand the mood of the country. “I want to lose control…” this is the phrase that breaks the ice, that gives the turning point to change. I’m very happy to have managed to create this new single… it was also an effort due to the film commitments I’ve had in the last year but as the title says of the song “I can do it (tonight)”! I wanted to thank all the people who made all this possible and especially the Nuovo Imaie institute for their contribution. In this regard, I wanted to remind you that a mini EP containing the last two songs will be released next month: I can do it feat. Azzurra and Boogie night feat. Jenny B.