Stability Pact, Meloni: “You can’t say yes to a reform that can’t then be respected”

The prime minister, in an interview on Rtl 102.5, explained that “these negotiations are very busy, it is a very delicate moment”. You spoke about various other topics: from the minimum wage to the state of health of the centre-right, from the agreement on migrants with Albania to the premiership, up to Giulia Cecchettin’s funeral and her private life

“You cannot say yes to a reform of the Pact that cannot then be respected.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reiterated this in an interview on Rtl 102.5. The Prime Minister explained that “these negotiations are very busy, it is a very delicate moment”. “We believe that a serious Europe must take into consideration the strategies it has given itself in the new rules of governance. We have the Pnrr, the digital energy transition: we cannot fail to take into account the investments that Europe is asking for. We are doing our best our best to construct an effective but reasonable summary,” he added. In addition to the Stability Pact, Meloni spoke about various other topics: from the minimum wage to alliances in the centre-right, to Albania, to the premiership, up to the funeral of Giulia Cecchettin.

On the minimum wage: “We should be a little coherent”

Regarding the minimum wage, the prime minister said: “The brawl in the Chamber? I’m smiling a little. M5S and Pd tell us that the minimum wage is the only thing that needs to be done in Italy but in ten years in government they haven’t had it And I am amazed by the position of some unions who take to the streets to demand the minimum wage and when they go to negotiate collective agreements they accept contracts with little more than five euros an hour, as recently happened with the private security contract. We should be a little coherent.”

“A tough year”

The prime minister admitted that what is about to end has been “a tough year”. “Yes, it’s the easiest word to describe a year in which everything that could happen happened, the secret is to live day by day, as Rambo would say. We try to address every problem in the most pragmatic and serious way possible, serving the interests of Italian citizens. In the disaster that we found ourselves managing due to the Italian and international situation, the results speak of a job done with seriousness.” A difficult year also on a personal level. “At times my personal issues were spoken about without mercy, but in the end with with the helmet on your head you fight”, declared Meloni. And again: “I have few secrets left because my life is all in the streets”.

“The center-right is doing very well”

However, Meloni assured that the government is healthy. “The center-right is doing very well, it is healthy. There is only one yardstick to evaluate the cohesion of the majorities: the speed with which governments manage to operate. You can see that this government operates quickly and when it happens it is because it is easy to get confused “agreement. It only happens in majorities with a common vision. I’ve seen others bogged down, unable to find a synthesis on anything. It doesn’t happen to us”, he said. And again: “Beyond the nuances of the majority parties, which are an asset, there is underlying cohesion and it is evident. And I think that what we have managed to do in Italy we must somehow try to build in Europe. Today we have a great opportunity, the scenario that could be realized is one in which in the European Parliament we manage to build a more compatible majority in terms of vision. We could find ourselves with European institutions in which Italy counts much more: it is my goal, the goal of the majority.”

“The Maneuver was a difficult job”

Meloni also spoke about the Maneuver. “It was difficult work. Everyone is good at doing them when there is money…”, he said. “We started – he explained – from a very complex situation, to put two numbers in a row: we have 13 billion more in interest on the debt for the increase in ECB rates and 20 billion in super bonus credits. We started with -33 billion, nevertheless we made a 28 billion maneuver, concentrating resources on a few major priorities, such as the defense of families’ purchasing power, the maintenance of the contribution wedge, we started the tax reform by merging the first two rates and adjusted pensions, particularly the lowest ones on healthcare, with an increase that brings them to an all-time high. And we also dealt with family and birth rates.”

The premier theme

A passage also on the premiership, one of the reforms that are most discussed in this period. “Certain criticisms” of the bill on the premiership “show that we don’t know what to say about this reform, because we have not touched the powers of the President of the Republic. We have deliberately left the value and role of the President of the Republic unchanged, in this case of Sergio Mattarella, who is a figure who certainly represents an absolute point of reference for Italians”, said Meloni. Then he explained: “All we do with the reform is to say that whoever leads the government must be chosen by the Italians. This is a problem for those who contest the reform, because they are used to playing nice and bad weather by making and undoing the government in the buildings, at the expense of the Italians, to carry out programs that no one had voted for, to put people in for whom no one had voted. Clearly there is a problem if one says that this game is over and now who governs the nation is decided by the Italians at the polls and reasonably he has 5 years to implement his program. Because this is all that the reform says: the head of government elected directly by the citizens and with stability mechanisms that allow that government elected by the citizens to stay in office for 5 years.” “I think that in the end we will reach the referendum, because I see it as very difficult for an agreement to be reached in Parliament: when the reform reaches the referendum we will ask the Italians what they want to do. The Italians will decide whether tomorrow they want to be masters of this destiny or whether they want to continue to have it done by those who objectively thought they were masters of the institutions and are not”, the Prime Minister said again.

“Small but noisy part of the judiciary goes beyond its role”

Another theme at the center of the debate in this period is the tension between the government and the judiciary. “I don’t see any clash between politics and the judiciary, it couldn’t come to me, a right-wing person with great respect for those who serve the State. Then in Italy there is a small, very small but noisy part of the judiciary which for ideological reasons believes it can other than its role, disapplying provisions of a government that it does not agree with. I was even more struck by the ANM: it says that the constitutional reform wanted by the government is an attack on the judiciary, which is not even touched, and even an anti-democratic drift “, commented Meloni.

Agreement with Albania “innovative and useful”

Then the prime minister also spoke about the Albania issue. “The Democratic Party tried to oust poor Edi Rama who is a socialist from the PSE because evidently helping Italy is not left-wing”, she said, referring to the agreement with the country on migrants. An agreement that she defined as “innovative, useful and represents a precedent that can be made in many nations in full compliance with international law”. “I don’t know why the left disputes it like this”, perhaps “because they hope that we cannot solve the problem, which we hope to do in a reality in which we are faced with unprecedented flows”, said Meloni.

On the case of Giulia Cecchettin: “In the tragedy it can represent a turning point”

Finally, a memory of Giulia Cecchettin, the 22 year old killed by her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta. “Yesterday”, with the funeral of the young woman, “can represent a turning point in the tragedy. The laws, the tools are there to defend women. We are free, it is not normal to be afraid of a man who says he loves you: call 1522 if you are scared, someone can help you,” Meloni said.