Stadio Firenze, Renzi’s proposal to redo the Franchi

“Let’s eliminate the constraint on curves and use private money”

Matteo Renzi’s proposal arrives to redo the Franchi stadium in Florence without resorting to Pnrr funds. “I am an avid fan. The Artemio Franchi stadium is – and it is fair to say – a national monument. It is bound in the curves, it is bound in the Maratona tower, it is bound in the helicoidal stairs of the Nervi, it is bound in the facade of the grandstand authority and honour. Very recently, in 2020-2021, he was even restricted on the curves… Now, anyone who knows Florence must find me only one expert in art, tourism and culture who comes to Florence to see the curve Railway…”, says the leader of Italia Viva in his speech in the Chamber at Palazzo Madama after the government’s information on the Pnrr.

“I come to the proposal, and I’m done. There is – underlines the former prime minister – a potential Columbus egg and we are proactive. Mr. President and, through you, Mr. Minister, we have 55 million from European funds. The mayor of Florence legitimately elected choose among public housing, schools and parks what to invest these 55 million in. Choose the mayor and the administration, not us The 90 million that the MiC (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) has put into the complementary fund go to the cultural works that serve Florence: the National Library, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the Uffizi, which are at least as relevant as the Curva Ferrovia”.

“Allow everyone together – Renzi remarks – to eliminate the constraint, not on the spiral staircases, not on the grandstand, not on the Marathon tower, but only on the curves, so that the stadium, as happens all over the world, is made by with private money. At that point, let’s save the 55 million from the PNRR, let’s save the 90 million from the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, which finally goes to the interventions that are needed in Florence, and we don’t get laughed at from all over Europe. It seems to me a common sense proposal”, concludes the former Prime Minister.