Stadio Olimpico celebrates Mihajlovic, wife Arianna: “It’s an honor”

On what would have been his 54th birthday, Sinisa was honored by Sport and Health, Rome and Lazio

On what would have been his 54th birthday, Sinisa Mihajlovic, who passed away a couple of months ago after a long battle against leukemia, was paid homage by Sport and Health, Rome and Lazio at the Olympic stadium. The Serbian champion was included in the Tour of Legends of the Stadio Olimpico and at the beginning of the tour of the stadium, his two jerseys from the time of Rome and Lazio were posted, close to Francesco’s, in the presence of his wife Arianna and their children Totti. “I wanted to thank you for your participation and the affection you have shown on this particular day of his 54th birthday. It was a wonderful day, there is so much emotion from me and my children, the affection you are showing is an honor demonstrating to him and to us. They were difficult days but we follow his message, carrying it in our hearts. It was wonderful to be back here at the Olimpico, thanks to Rome, Lazio and Sport e Salute”, said his wife Arianna Mihajlovic during the celebration .

Present at the celebration representing As Roma, Alessio Scarchilli senior yellow and red scout and former teammate of Sinisa Mihajlovic at Roma and Sampdoria. “I am proud to be here today for this recognition for an extraordinary champion. On behalf of Roma, we cannot fail to recognize how close he is to Lazio and we respected him. I played with him at Roma and Sampdoria. Football is evolution but certain values ​​and principles will never change. He was a sincere and direct teammate,” said Scarchilli visibly moved. “Up to the last day he was an example of strength and courage”. While the historic Lazio team manager Maurizio Manzini described Sinisa as a “man of unparalleled generosity, who was a builder not only of play but of life. He gave strength, vitality and passion”.

Also present were former Lazio players Dario Marcolin, Nando Orsi and Angelo Peruzzi. “He was celebrated at his funeral as a head of state, people appreciated the man and the father of the family. For us he was a teammate and a life partner. We like to remember the greatness as a player. He is gone too soon, but the man will always remain close” said Dario Marcolin, while Nando Orsi recalled that he played “a derby against him and to make him angry we told him that Roberto Carlos kicked free-kicks better than him”. “Sinisa as a person was courageous and honorable. When a public figure is recognized by calling him by name, Sinisa, it means that he has given a lot,” added Orsi.

“I have been managing the Stadio Olimpico for 12 years, I had Sinisa as a coach and when you manage the stadium there are stories of great coaches and men. Before coming to the stadium to speak to journalists, Sinisa always met his wife Arianna first, they hugged and they kissed, I only saw him do it and it has always struck me because in this gesture there was the value of a father, husband and man as well as a sportsman. He has always amazed me for the value he gave to the people he loved. Today the Olimpico will be a bridge to the future so that Sinisa will never be forgotten for what he taught”, concluded the General Manager of Sport and Health Diego Nepi Molineris during the tribute for the unforgettable champion.