Stailok will present his new album RECETAS in his first major solo concert

stailokfounder of Original movementannounces his first solo concert on December 16 at the Colosseum Theater, from 7:00 p.m. The artist will show Recipes in society, his most recent album released through all digital platforms in February of this year.

According to him, this work is influenced by “what I imagine, what I would like to see or be, what bothers me too”, while its lyrics are inspired “In realities, in what I have lived, things that I imagine, there is also a bit of fiction. Stories can be invented, everything flows, but always leaving a message for the new generations”. With all this in mind, he moves within an interesting mix of reggae, hip hop and trap.


This ambitious work has 16 songs, which have the participation of artists such as reassure me of Original Movement, Code of Argentina, Seamoon, Basket of Shamans, Tiano Bless, Khali Polo, award-winning trumpeter Maurice Castillo And several more.

The show will also feature the presentation of Chystemc Y Bubaseta, two important names within the urban music scene in our country. The first is rapper, MC Y producercurrently recognized internationally for his music full of simplicity and humility.

Chyste MC

For its part, Bubaseta it’s a MC born in Switzerland who arrived very young in Chile, where he found hip hop and other genres that led him to develop his own style in front of the microphone.


Tickets for this show, open to all ages, are now available through Puntoticket with the following prices:

  • Court (Presale 1) – $10,000
  • Court (Presale 2) – $15,000
  • Court (General) – $20,000
  • Low Plateau (Presale 1) – $15,000
  • Low stalls (General) – $20,000

*Over 5 years pay admission.

*Values ​​do not include service charge

Listen RECIPES, the new Stailok