Stamani, with La Garra communicates the grit to face life: video

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Welcome to the video of “La Garra”, my new single that puts determination into music, the ambition to pursue one’s dreams, produced by the unmistakable touch of JP of the GoldenEye Studio in Cesano Maderno (MB). The video is an engaging short film directed by Chiara Bettiga, capable of uniting and fusing the power of rap with the sensuality of ballet. Literally “claw”, “la garra”, is a Spanish term borrowed from sports journalism to define grit and fighting spirit; it represents that mix of tenacity, charisma and ability to react to daily adversities that becomes a lifesaver in the storms of life, the only foothold to remain oneself, steadfast in achieving the small and large goals set, in a constantly changing society that instead of rewarding , penalizes personal aspirations and peculiarities. Together with my team, I chose to include the participation of 6 dancers. The decision, however, did not fall on contacting professional artists, certainly very good but perhaps without too much stimulus for a project like mine: we have opted for the candidates with the hungriest eyes, those who, like me, live their passion as a goal to improve themselves day after day, second after second; in short, those led by “La garra”. The video, shot between the interiors of the studio and Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan, opens with evocative images illuminated by dynamic plays of light that create an intense atmosphere. The vibrant music that masters the piece begins to resonate, setting off a unique and immersive experience. I appear resolute, ready to face a new challenge and take my revenge, while the sinuous and seductive dancers join me, amplifying the intensity of the expression with their sex appeal. The direction of Chiara Bettiga captures their sensual choreographies that intertwine with my energetic movement, creating an atmosphere full of passion and desire for redemption. Every step, every gesture is permeated by an incredible magnetism, which blends with determination to convey a message of strength and self-affirmation. The shots highlight the energy of the movements and the expressiveness of our gazes, with the lights playing a fundamental role in emphasizing the emotions, creating a truly suggestive atmosphere. In the contrast between light and shadow, the transition from anger to determination is perfectly emphasized. The film then moves outside, in Piazza Gae Aulenti. The modern architectures and urban atmosphere create a stunning backdrop for the girls’ performances. The finish is an explosion of energy and liberation; we move in perfect harmony, conveying a feeling of victory and triumph. The music reaches its climax, accompanying our bold and charismatic movements, which culminate in a moment of catharsis and satisfaction.

I am very happy with the final result; “La Garra” is a song that I care a lot about and the video that accompanies it perfectly expresses the desire for revenge, also thanks to the direction of Chiara Bettiga who was able to grasp and capture the passion and determination in my eyes and of the dancers, offering an engaging and passionate show that celebrates the power of reaffirming and being reborn through art.

The garra asks for life, and I have tons to offer.