Star Wars, Han Solo’s original blaster sold at auction for $ 1 million

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There is probably no bigger pop culture franchise than Star Wars. With eleven films and an endless series of comics, books, television shows and video games, the historic saga has captivated audiences for the past forty-five years. One of the most popular Star Wars characters was Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford, and now the character’s iconic original blaster has been auctioned for over $ 1 million by the Rock Island Auction Company. The prop was a faux blaster designed to look realistic but only fired blanks.

The story of Han Solo’s blaster and its importance

The “DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol” was estimated at around $ 300,000-500,000: in the end the exact selling price was $ 1,057 million. The high value probably has to do with the fact that this is the last surviving blaster from the first Star Wars movie later renamed Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Han Solo’s blaster helped set the tone of the original trilogy, with a worn look just like the lived-in galaxy surrounding it. Harrison Ford has also always known how to use this classic firearm and since the very first scene of the saga, fans have fallen in love with this scruffy-looking character. The actor subsequently played the iconic role in four other films: The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens and The Rise of Skywalker, but the first film’s blaster remains legendary.

An iconic character who made history

Han Solo was a character who went from amiable selfish gunslinger to one of the key heroes of the rebellion against the Empire. Furthermore, his love affair with Princess Leia and his loving friendship with his trusty companion Chewbacca are some of the aspects that have made him so important in the history of cinema. Also, the way George Lucas and his crew did the look of the first film is still an amazing feat today. Star Wars was made in an era where everything had to be done in a practical way and the story of how they created the look of Solo’s blaster, deciding which materials best fit both the character and the world, is something every movie lover would appreciate. While it is initially absurd to think that Han Solo’s blaster was sold for over $ 1 million, in reality, given that it is such an important prop in the history of cinema, everything seems justified. The blaster itself helped define one of the most iconic characters of all time.