Star Wars: The Bad Batch renewed for third and final season

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There animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be renewed for third and final seasonwhich will air in 2024 on Disney+. The announcement was made last Monday during Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 by executive producers Brad Rau, Jennifer Corbett and Athena Portillo. During the panel on the series, the teaser trailers of the new season, which according to the site revealed the Emperor Palpatine to visit Mount Tantiss to Doctor Royce Hemlock, expert on the cloning attempts of the Galactic Empire: “It is necessary that this structure remains safe”. The video then showed the protagonists, the group of genetically modified clones Bad Batch, with the leader of Clone Force 99, Hunter, citing the capture of Omega (one of the events which, together with the revelation of the existence of a sister of the prisoner and the death of the clone Tech, concluded the second season) in the hands of the Empire. “I’m not giving up,” the young protagonist later told Crosshair, since both characters appeared to be under the control of the institution. Finally, the video showed several shots of the clones and the characters of Rex and the bounty hunter Fennec Shand and thus aroused the curiosity of the public, now waiting to know the news of the final season of the series.