Starbucks by Nespresso joins the Capsule Recycling Alliance

L’Alliance for the recycling of aluminum capsulesfounded by Nespresso in 2021 in partnership with illycaffèextends today with the entrance of Starbucks by Nespresso, which joins the circular economy project as a new member, helping to promote and increase the recycling of used aluminum capsules in Italy. A new, important result achieved by the Alliance to once again encourage virtuous processes for the protection of the environment and the responsible management of resources and materials throughout the life cycle of aluminum caps.

With the entry of Starbucks, the possibilities for consumers to give new life to their used aluminum capsules are expanded: from today, in fact, also used Starbucks by Nespresso aluminum capsulesas well as those of Nespresso (both brands of the Nestlé group) and illy, they can be returned indifferently to over 65 Nespresso Boutiques located from North to South, in the 10 illy Stores (illy Shop and illy Caffè) and in over 75 drop off points, for a total of over 150 collection points throughout the country. With the Alliance for the recycling of aluminum capsules, Nespresso, illycaffè and the new member Starbucks offer their customers the opportunity to take part in a circular economy process that guarantees a second life to used aluminum capsules, limiting their impact on the environment and allowing a residue to be transformed into a resource, ensuring that the life cycle of the same does not end with the delivery of the coffee, but continues in new forms.

“We are happy to announce the entry of Starbucks into the Alliance for the recycling of aluminum capsules, which confirms that communion of intent and that sharing of fundamental values ​​to create value for the community and the territory – he declares Silvia Totaro, Sustainability & Safety Health Environmental Manager of Nespresso Italiana – At Nespresso we are concretely committed to guaranteeing responsible management of the capsules, from the choice of material to its reuse, and for this reason, over 11 years ago we created the first proprietary system for the recycling of this product and the materials that make it up. Since then, like Nespresso, we have recovered over 8,000 tons of capsules and put tons of aluminum and coffee back into circulation with a concrete commitment on the Italian territory thanks to our “Nespresso for Italy” program and the cultural, environmental and social initiatives that are part of, also included in our status as a Benefit Company acquired this year in Italy in exchange for the B Corp certification at a global level”.

“Starting today, Starbucks also joins the Alliance for the recycling of aluminum caps, allowing us to take a new and significant step in the path towards greater sustainability of our products and packaging. But not only. This important circular economy initiative has laid the foundations for the development of a virtuous model in which Nespresso, illycaffè and Starbucks are the protagonists of the responsible management of materials throughout the life cycle of aluminum capsules – he commented Marta Schiraldi, Safety, Health, Environment and Sustainability Head of the Nestlé Italy Group – If it is true that aluminum represents an extraordinary resource since it can be recycled indefinitely, it is nevertheless undeniable that, without adequate infrastructures, it is not possible to make the most of its ‘recyclability’. Precisely this has prompted us to join forces and work together in order to implement an independent collection and recycling system, which allows waste to return to new life. The path is still uphill, but we are certain that, by continuing to walk side by side, we will be able to achieve new and important goals, generating an even more positive impact on the environment and on people’s lives”.

“Aware that the challenge for a more sustainable world can only be won by joining forces, like illycaffè we are pleased to have a new member among the Alliance’s partners – commented David Brussa, Chief Sustainability Officer of illycaffè – Collaboration between companies and consumers is a necessary condition to improve the well-being of the planet and the activation of a single collection and recycling system for aluminum coffee capsules by illycaffè, Nespresso Italiana and Starbucks represents an important result that goes exactly in this direction”.

Once returned to the Nespresso Boutiques and illy Stores, the aluminum capsules are collected in agreement with the companies that manage the separate waste collection service throughout Italy, to then be treated in a special plant with a system that allows for the separation of coffee and aluminium, sending the materials through two different recovery cycles. While aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material, is sent to foundries to be transformed into new objects, coffee is reused for various purposes and methods of reuse, in different projects in the area. A commitment on the part of Nespresso and illycaffè which has so far made it possible to achieve valuable results: in fact, since 2021, the year Nespresso founded the alliance, over 3,000 tonnes of used aluminum capsules have been recovered, for more than 180 tons of aluminum put back into circulation. The circular economy program founded by Nespresso in 2011 is based on the protocol signed with Cial (Aluminum Packaging Consortium), Utilitalia (Federation that brings together companies operating in public services for the environment) and Cic, the Italian Composters Consortium, illycaffè has also joined and today Starbucks by Nespresso. Today, with the entry of Starbucks, the Alliance is setting itself new goals, aiming to reach over 4,700 tons of recovered capsules by 2023 and 270 tons of aluminum that can be melted down and transformed into new objects.