Starcks, 100% made in Italy startup, lands on Btcex with ‘Star Token’ crypto footballers

It is the only entirely Italian project to have been selected by an international Exchange since the beginning of the year

Starcks, a 100% made in Italy startup that combines sport and web 3.0, is ready to land on an international platform. It will do so on Tuesday 23 May with its cryptocurrency, the ‘Star Token’, achieving a new milestone: just 7 months after its launch, Starcks is the only entirely Italian project to have been selected by an international Exchange since the beginning of the ‘year. We are talking about Btcex, a portal with an average daily ‘traffic’ of 300 million exchanges and over 1 million unique visits per week. Numbers that certify the importance of the step forward taken and the prospects that can open up. While awaiting the market response, the Made in Italy project has plenty of reasons to be proud of: conceived in March 2022 and landed on the web on 31 October 2022 and, in less than 7 months, it has more than confirmed expectations, so much so as to push a first foreign Exchange to choose the ‘Star Token’ as the currency to be listed.

The listing of the ‘Star Token’ will take place through the assistance of Coinbar SpA at a starting price of 0.03 cents, a value that has already tripled compared to the starting price, confirming the growth of the project. It is the maturity exam for the Star Token, the digital currency with which thousands of football fans have already been experimenting for months on, testing their football skills in choosing Serie A players, and not only, on which to focus. Starcks’ success stems from the interactivity and involvement of users who can digitally participate in the performance of their football idols. In fact, each footballer has a token, i.e. a digital asset, associated with his name. Users can purchase tokens which, through a proprietary algorithm, are assigned a score based on performance on the pitch, quantified on the basis of the results obtained by Opta’s Stats Performance.

There are 12 unique and non-replicable Tokens of professional footballers listed on the platform: Immobile, Frattesi, Bove and Carnesecchi, just to name a few. But they will become at least 20 before the summer, with a schedule that includes periodic listings. Starcks already has in mind how to expand its offer: Tokens will soon be launched also for young talents who play in youth leagues or in categories below Serie A, to raise the bar of competence of users on the platform. Not only that: the test for ‘Crypto-football’, a token-based game that will be ready before the start of the 2023/2024 football season, is about to begin.

A sustainable but continuous growth, without ever losing sight of transparency towards its public. The potential is therefore certified by the listing on Btcex. A step of incredible importance for Starcks, which the team considers as a new starting point on which to build new important goals.