Start up and noticed, ‘a new pact to grow safely’

Cristina Crupi: “So far the debate has been a clash”

Start up and notaries, a new ‘deal’ is needed. The online establishment of the srl is the exclusive competence of notaries: the novelty introduced by the Council of Ministers is a turning point in a sector that is preparing to face a new phase in which the two poles – start-ups on the one hand and notaries on the other are called to talk and find a meeting point. To turn the spotlight on the topic is Cristina Crupi, Founder of the Crupi Law Firm, is an expert in civil and corporate law, specialized in startups, SMEs and Innovation. So far, he observes, the debate took on the connotations of “a real confrontation, because it has increasingly emerged as a battle between the world of innovation and notaries “while it is essential, respecting the roles, to find” a solution for the good of the innovation ecosystem that finally – after so much effort – seems to take the wide”.

The role of the notary as a “public official, as a certifier, public depositary, withholding agent and in general a guarantee of legality remains current and brings with it a concrete interest for the community”, observes the expert, author of “The Code of Startups “and” Start Up – Operational guide for the creation, management and development of innovative companies “.

The controls of legality and legitimacy, of which there is so much talk, are not abstract concepts, much less useless, but they have a very practical reflection in the everyday economy, they serve to verify that the activity that the company intends to carry out is not contrary to the principles of the legal system and that the subjects who are preparing to do so do not hide illegal purposes “, highlights in a speech on ecomomyup, underlining that precisely this control guarantees the insertion of certified data in the Register of Companies certified data:” And the reliability of the Register is such precisely because it is fed from a single source “, the notaries .

A guarantee of security that must also become a flagship for startups. “And this the world of innovation must understand. We cannot and must not reduce the debate by shouting at the “monopoly of notaries”, to the “defense of privileges”, effectively trivializing the phase of the constitution. Doing business is serious business “.

The need to streamline bureaucracy is evident, Crupi observes. “It is therefore correct and sacrosanct on the part of businesses to ask the Government for a lightening of the procedures, of the apparatus of laws, decrees, regulations, a less complex and less oppressive tax system, which today occupies a large part of the entrepreneur’s days. But this is a request that also comes from us professionals, lawyers, accountants, notaries, enveloped as we are by the super regulatory production of the State “, he says.

Therefore, dialogue between the two poles is indispensable. “I think it is much more useful for the innovation ecosystem – in respect of every role and professional figure – to appeal to notaries to reduce the rate for innovative startups and equate it to that carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and to structure the establishment in remote mode and no longer necessarily in presence “. The recipe, he points out, must include qualified skills at affordable prices: “The innovators – founders of startups – do not care if they are set up by the notary or another person, it matters that this step costs as little as possible”, he underlines, concluding that “This is the real challenge of us professionals, and this is the concrete contribution we can make to innovation”.