Startup ESG, the new accelerator path of Intesa Sanpaolo

The second edition of “Up2Stars” is underway to promote the most innovative Italian startups

From an ESG perspective, the role of startups can be central in the development of innovative and technological projects, tools and solutions in favor of environmental and social sustainability. At the same time, it becomes crucial to support these new realities, often a hotbed of brilliant ideas, but which have little visibility and limited financial resources. “Up2Stars” should be seen in this direction, the initiative dedicated to the valorisation of the most innovative Italian startups created by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center. Now in its second call, the first concluded with 50 applications from startups in the watertech sector, the initiative focuses on two specific categories: renewable energy and energy efficiency. In particular, the call is reserved for projects that concern new energy sources with specific reference to technologies for the production, transport, storage and distribution of energy from renewable sources, as well as new ecological fuels. Startups specializing in smart solutions for energy efficiency, with specific reference to the manufacturing sector, smart grids and energy communities, as well as solutions for the recovery and reuse of energy and for the capture of CO2, can also apply for the project.

Project objectives and membership methods

The objective of “Up2Stars” is to intercept the most promising young companies operating in strategic sectors for the country and support their growth through a personalized acceleration path which, among other things, includes networking opportunities and visibility towards investors , venture capital and entrepreneurs interested in new technologies. For each of the categories indicated above, a maximum of 10 startups will be selected and will have access to the acceleration path provided by the partner Gellify and to the networking program, which involves the involvement of National Research Centres, various European Innovation Hubs (EDIH) and important companies like Microsoft, Elite and Cisco. Startups interested in the initiative can submit their application by 15 October 2023 on the Intesa Sanpaolo website.