Startup: Montesanto (Pirames), ‘cautious about generative AI in music, rules are needed’

“I’m neither for nor against the generative AI, I’m thinking about it. There are important aspects, the composition of a work is not a mathematical process. The composition is not purely mathematical. Each of us who write songs has had some influences , which he reinterprets and personalizes at the time of composition, he has not ‘stolen’ from the knowledge of third parties. I am usually always ahead, but on this I say to go calmly. Also because generative artificial intelligence in music risks impacting a entire musical economic ecosystem and therefore regulation is needed, which is only now starting to be talked about in Europe. But many of the people who talk about artificial intelligence do not know what it means. It would be nice if those who really are work”. Thus Federico Montesanto, CEO Pirames international, speaking in Bisceglie at Digithon, during the panel ‘The digital recording industry: Pirames international, Italian aggregator’.

According to Montesanto it must be clear for the user when he is listening to a song generated by artificial intelligence instead of the voice of an artist in the flesh. “For example, you could create a sort of Spotify Ia where you know you go and find that those songs are generated by artificial intelligence,” she pointed out.

And Montesanto spoke of Pirames’ activity. “Pirames distributes 2500 audio recordings, a substantial part of Italian music and if Pirames weren’t there, the distribution of Italian music would be carried out by foreign companies”, he says. “We are lucky survivors. The aggregator’s work -he underlines- ends when he has distributed a product on digital platforms. Instead for us, we like to say that our work begins there, Pirames in fact follows the development at 360 degrees on various digital channels such as social networks, there are many opportunities. Our goal is to intercept at 360 degrees the use of a content that we distribute and the possibility of monetizing it”, he explains.