Stash by The Kolors in Amici’s time: hard not to notice the changes

Do you remember Stash from The Kolors in the days of Friends? Let’s see how much the singer has changed in recent years, you will notice some changes.

This evening starts the evening of Amici di Maria De Filippi. The pupils are ready. Dancers and singers will perform on the big stage ready to excite us with their performances. They have been divided into three teams and are captained by Raimondo Todaro and Lorella Cuccarini, Anna Pettinelli with Veronica Peparini and Alessandra Celentano with Rudy Zerbi.

Do you remember Stash from The Kolors to Amici? It was an alleivo several years ago (Credits: youtube)

The judges of the twenty-first edition of the talent are also this year Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Stash of The Kolors and Stefano De Martino. Stefano and Stash they were both students of Amici but in different editions. By chance, remember the singer when he was in school? Let’s see together how much has changed in recent years.

Do you remember Stash from The Kolors in the days of Friends? How was the singer a few years ago

Stash is the lead singer of the musical group The Kolors. This evening a new adventure begins for him. In fact, he is one of the judges of the Evening of Amici. Also last year he covered the same role and also this year together with him we will see Stefano De Martino and Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia.

The beloved band today is formed by, in fact Stash, whose name is Antonio Stash Fiordispino, voice and guitar of the group, by Daniele Mona who plays the synth and by Alex Fiordispino who plays the drums. In 2015 The Kolors participated in the fourteenth edition of the talent, resulting winners in the final evening. While participating in the program, they released the single Everytime which peaked at the top of the iTunes chart. Immediately after this experience they walked the best stages to the acclaim of the fans. But do you remember what the singer was like in school?

Stash to friends in 2015
Credits: youtube

In this photo we see Stash when he was a student of Amici, even before the Evening. Not many years have passed since then but there have been some changes, not only in the look but also in the ways and expressions. It must be said that today the artist is a father and obviously he also has a different maturity. After the experience in the school for The Kolors, the doors of the world of music were opened and today they are very much listened to.