Stash by The Kolors tells it all: bad accident, what happened

While in the car with the rest of the group, Stash had a car accident – it happened right before a concert.

Summer, time of concerts for many artists, Italian and non-Italian. There are many music stars who in this period are busy with the various stages of their tours, some of which sold-out in a few days.

Stash by The Kolors tells it all: bad accident, here’s what happened (Credits: Instagram)

Among the singers and bands who have already started their tour around Italy there are also Stash ei The Kolors. The artist from Caserta, who is a pupil of Friends has become an established name in the world of seven notes, he has just returned from the last season of the talent show in which he held the role of judge for the second time flanked by Stefano De Martino and from Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy.

On some of the dates he will also be present Cryticalformer student of Anna Pettinelli ad Friends 21, to whom Stash had made a job offer when the boy was eliminated from the Evening. An immense joy for the young rapper who said he was honored by the opportunity offered to him.

Days ago, however, an unpleasant episode occurred: i The Kolors and their leader had a car accident just as they were driving to their concert venue. It was Stash himself who told how things went.

Accident for Stash and his band: this is what the artist said

Fortunately, the accident involving the band’s car was not serious, but in these cases a little fright is normal. Stash immediately reassured fans that the episode had no major consequences other than a shattered car window.

In the story published on Instagram in fact, the destroyed window appears, in addition to the story of what happened: “We had an accident with a truck that went wrong. Fortunately, none of us got hurt. See you later!”. Albeit with a bit of delay, the group then managed to reach the concert venue which fortunately will be followed by many others.

Stash accident
Credits: Instagram

Fans can rest assured: Stash and The Kolors will continue their tour without any problem, are you going to see them?